About Aeryn Lynne

Aeryn Lynne Summer 2013

Jewellery that sparkles, and pink lipstick that shines;

tablets and smartphones that keep her online;

brand name jeans that fit and a pair of cute boots with bling;

these are just a few of Aeryn’s favourite things!

Remember that song?  It was something Aeryn had repeatedly played on her old record player as much as her parents could handle. And whether or not irony is involved, it very much became the basis of what Geek with Style is today.  Aeryn wants to share with you some things that maker her happy, in hopes that it’ll inspire happy thoughts for you too!

Aeryn Lynne is a total Geek in her love for technology, and has been an avid user and supporter of online tech since 1998. She also has a penchant for pretty clothes, and is living the curvy fashion liberation! This Geek with Style writes about her fabulous finds in tech, fashion and beauty, ’cause she couldn’t get enough of show and tell as a kid.

A ‘Jackie of all Trades’, Aeryn has a lot of insight for new and upcoming consumer technologies, particularly for computers/laptops, tablets/netbooks, and smart phones. She has a huge regard for Steve Jobs, the man who turned Geek into Chic, but is by far not Apple’s #1 fan. Some friends will go so far as saying that she is “anti-Apple”, but it’s really more along the lines of “pro-everything else first”.

Aeryn’s other hobby is finding and drooling over fashionable plus-sized/curvy clothes, shoes and accessories. She Elle Oh Vea EEE LOVES fashion, and is a card carrying member of the Fatshion Revolution.

Before Y2K, it seemed like the only tops available for beyond XL girls were white, long sleeved shirts with tiny little rosebuds patterned over the entire canvas, or checkered monstrosities … Ugh. So as Aeryn wound up with mostly patterned shirts and plaid in her closet from lack of choice while growing up, she has since been actively searching for stylish clothing that fit and advocates for proper fashion choices for young/teenage girls with curves.

When not blogging, she’s problem-solving and designing websites for businesses and bloggers alike. Aeryn has become a reputable source for friends, family and twitter followers when they’re looking for answers on how to proceed in their own pursuits for a technological nirvana.

Would you like to contact Aeryn Lynne for an upcoming PR project? Please click here to find out more info and contact information. I welcome all requests, but I’m particularly interested in talking with you about plus-size, full figured fashion, computer/tablet/smart phone technology and apps!