Five Places to Be In Toronto #BucketListTO

#BucketListTO with Robin Esrock and Ford Canada

Thanks to travel-pro Robin Esrock and Ford Canada, I've been entirely inspired to mock up an ongoing bucket list for myself. Having lived in Toronto for over 30 years, you'd think I've done it all in such a colourful, uber-busy city, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. It's kind of an impossible task; there is just so much happening at any given moment of every day in … [Read more...]

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Easy, Healthy, No-Bake Snack Bites with Kraft Peanut Butter

Kraft Peanut Butter Easy Snack Bites

Whew! Thanks to this super warm weather, I’m collecting all the no-bake recipes I can find.  The less time I’m around the stove, the better!  If I could eat Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner… I’d just might.  They’re simple to create, delicious, and did I mention simple? There are so many different ways to make snack bites to fit your needs … [Read more...]

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Paging Household Tech Support, Tips For Smarting Your Home

Time to upgrade for a smarter home.

Everyone has a job or two that are solely their own to keep their home going, right? Even if it's just two of you, there are some duties that are clearly yours and yours alone. One of my faves are dishes. No one can take my dish duty away, I won't let them. I have no clue why, other than I wind up in this zen like space, where I can simply zone out and just be one with my … [Read more...]

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Awesome App: Grabb Lunch Quickly in Toronto


Lunch hours can be a crazy thing, especially if you work in a fast-paced office in downtown Toronto. Before working as a Stay-at-Home-Entrepreneur, I did the Go Train mad-dash to and from Union Station, and it was always the beginning and end of the daily rush. I've been told that this rush and virtual strain to the mind-body-soul is a uniquely Toronto thing, at least for … [Read more...]

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Quick Look into Captain America: Civil War

MCU's Captain America: Civil War

I’m ready to head out again to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron for a second time, it was such a great movie to watch, and an epic addition to the world of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). There is quite a bit about the MCU that is hard to reconcile with comic plots, so I’ve just stopped trying. I figure it’s just one more universe and not actually Earth-616 (which is supposed … [Read more...]

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Burst into Spring with Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart: Burst Into Spring and Win

So the last time I spoke of spring, Toronto had hail and even a bit of snow the following day. Not cool. I’m eager to rid of the cold weather, so I love the fact that one of my fave places to shop has a “Burst into Spring” event happening right now, complete with bonus Shoppers Optimum points, and a contest to win one of three awesome prizes. Let’s jump into warm spring weather … [Read more...]

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10 Awesome IFTTT Recipes for Bloggers


I'm a huge fan of IFTTT (If This Then That). A website that uses conditional statements to help you with those admin duties that are easy to do, but can become time consuming. And if there was only one thing that every blogger needs, its more time. Here are ten (and a couple DO recipe bonuses) of my fave IFTTT "recipes" that help me promote and manage my blog and social … [Read more...]

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Recipe: Peanut Butter Snack Bites for On The Go

Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites

I am entirely addicted to Kraft's Chocolate Peanut Butter. C'mon, chocolate and peanut butter already mixed together?? 'Nuff said, really. Did you read my no-bake snack bite recipe from yesterday? A simple mix that even my four year old nephew could whip up in minutes and have it taste good, 'cause there is no way to mess those ingredients up! I couldn't help but make a second … [Read more...]

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Five Beauty Tips to Kiss Winter Goodbye + Bonus


I'm having a truly indulgent moment today. It's one in the afternoon, and I'm currently sitting in bed, still in my PJs. I'll admit, part of the reasoning behind this indulgence is that my in-laws' in-laws are visiting today (nope, I really didn't accidentally type that twice,) which means there's a big party happening not far from my home-office door, a floor below.  The other … [Read more...]

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Yummy Bite-Sized Deliciousness with Kraft’s Chocolate Peanut Butter

Kraft Peanut Butter Easy Snack Bites

You ever get that moment, where everything just clicks? Like, that time where you want an awesome (chocolatey) snack, and all the ingredients you need for an epic snack are in your pantry? You could practically just throw them all into a bowl with a spoon, and be super happy and not hungry in about fifteen minutes flat. I went all Dr. Frankenstein with both my fave and even … [Read more...]

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Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Dentist?

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dentist

When I was a kid, I never knew what to expect at the dentist. I was a bundle of nerves the moment I sat in the car, knowing that my mom or dad was driving me towards a scary moment. The Dentist’s office was a fairly noisy place to be, what with drills firing up, and those little vacuum tubes that hang from the side of your mouth. Not ashamed to say that I was known to shed a … [Read more...]

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#NewComicBookDay: The Is He Dead-Dead? Deadpool Edition

#NCBD: Dead Deadpool Edition

So... turns out Deadpool dies today. *sob* The merc with a mouth is easily one of my favourite characters, and not just because he's Canadian (possibly even a fellow Torontonian, I still need to go search that out,) but the dude is funny. Sure, I love reading suspense-filled mysteries, but this girl's gotta laugh, and Deadpool's crazy antics are highly epic. He's inappropriate, … [Read more...]

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28 Nights Later: Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream

Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream

After 28 nights of applying Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream, I feel better in the mornings, right from the first moment that I blink myself awake. I hadn’t realized that “tired eyes” was actually a condition, until I noticed I was getting out of bed easier in the mornings and was curious as to what changed, other than the night cream I started using. It was … [Read more...]

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#NewComicBookDay: The Annual Edition

#NCBD April 1st Annual Edition

Welcome to the TENTH edition of #NewComicBookDay on Geek with Style! I don't think I've written a blog series so religiously before, go me. DC has a multitude of annual comics published this week (slow month for other series maybe?) I've only collected a small handful of annuals from Marvel and DC, but I'll admit that of the five released for April 1st, three of them sound … [Read more...]

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Intel RealSense – One Step Closer to Virtual in Physical Space

Intel RealSense: Taking Virtual into Physical Space

Are you waiting for that moment when a simple wave of your hand will have countless files scrolling virtually right before your eyes? Without the use of a monitor screen? You know, like on those scif-fi shows and movies where one of the main characters easily interacts with a graphic user interface that is virtually surrounding them, (usually in a blue glow,) in empty air … [Read more...]

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