Celebrate Spring with eLUXE


Celebrate Spring with eLUXE

I thought long and hard on which brand to start the series off first, and let me tell you, I was still trying to decide that up to this morning, lol.  I obviously love all the brands that are going to be showcased in the next two weeks (or else you wouldn’t be seeing them on my site naturally,) and each one of them would make a marvelous first introduction for the series.  In the end though, I could only choose one for today, and here’s why eLUXE is awesome and why we’re going to start with them…. (Note: Just to avoid confusion, I’m lining up my order of posts based on how I want the Spring Celebration event to unfold, and not on which brand I think is best!)

eLUXE is exactly as it sounds, it’s online luxury.  Canadian online luxury, that has the coolest weekly magazine, and honestly this is why I love them so much!  No, they don’t sell plus size clothing (Yet! But, I’ll keep asking them! 😉 ,) but I can find out the very latest trends within the Canadian market place every week, and style myself accordingly if I like what I see.

Shoes and purses for the most part can fit any size, as can necklaces and earrings, so I still keep an eye out here for the best in luxe accessories (and just keep my fingers crossed for over-sized rings and bangles!) There is also a sweet selection of home décor, beauty products, and tech accessories, so honestly this can be a one-stop shop for me!

So here’s a bit of “homework”… if you want to avoid any potential fashion faux pas’ this season (or for any season really,) bookmark eLUXE’s magazine archive so that you can keep referring to it whenever your in question, or want some kind of inspiration.

And if you want some help? eLUXE actually has a free styling service to help you out virtually!  They want you to look your best and are ready and willing to help!  How cool is that??

And the best part?  eLUXE sells authentic merchandise at amazing prices!  Not only are the prices beautiful, but its local (really local if you live in Toronto, LOL,) with affordable to even free shipping costs.  And if you’ve changed your mind on that fab item you’ve just picked up, they offer free returns as well!

Finally, a trendy Canadian store with competitive prices!

I actually attempted to count all of their designers, but the list is simply too long!  But, as I mentioned before, every item is authentic, so you can look forward to amazing deals from brands such as: Rebecca MinkoffMichael KorsGIGI New York, and Hunter just to name a select few.

This is what you’ll currently find in my shopping bag!

my eLUXE shopping bag


Seriously, those are all essential items that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Are you ready for a contest??

Thanks to eLUXE, we have an AMAZING contest for you to WIN! You guys are SO LUCKY to try out for this! I’m just a wee bit jealous, lol!

How amazing would it be if you wore Rebecca Minkoff this season??  And what if it was a M.A.C. Daddy purse (valued at $460)??  Say hello to fabulous! 😀

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Daddy Purse*Note: Actual design of M.A.C. Daddy purse will be chosen by eLUXE, and may not look like one of the samples shown above.

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  1. says

    My must haves are 1.) a great pair of booties (leather!) and 2.) a fantastic pair of dark wash jeans, 3.) a fantastic leather tote that fits all the things you need whether that be laptop, or bathing suit or your lunch

  2. Kelly Gordon says

    My must have for spring is pastel colored tops , love my Capri’s and I’m a flip flop fanatic! 😀

  3. wondergirl says

    Amanda Uprichard Gabby Dress in Black, Botkier Valentina Mini Convertible in Sea Grass, Dolce Vita Lunna Flat in Teal

  4. Debbie Bashford says

    New pastel coloured purse, comfortable pair of flats and a great jacket for dress up or casual

  5. Orange23 says

    My must haves for spring are 1) a great pair of ballet flats, 2) a new short sleeved dress in a bright colour such as red or yellow or floral print, and 3) a fabulous tote bag to carry my everday essentials.

  6. says

    My must haves for Spring: 1) cute pair of combat boots (still on the hunt for this); 2) chambray shirt… I’m obsessed; 3) floral dress… because it’s Spring. Thanks Aeryn for holding this giveaway!!! Hope to see you again soon!

    x Rica

  7. Melanie D says

    Three must haves:
    1. Striped anything!! I’m loving Mini M.A.C. Clutch in Purple Stripe
    2. Cool Graphic jeans – J Brand Skinny in Orchid Blue are FAB

    3. Neon tops – Equipment Brett Top in Neon Orange would do the trick!

  8. lelalacc says

    my 3 must-haves are: comfy ballet flats; a cool, stylish brimmed hat; and a pair of dark, stretchy capri pants.
    entering in rafflecopter as jen s.

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