Hold The Phone – Kardashian Kurves Plus Size Fashion?

First off? The term, “Hold the phone” looks weird when you type it out. And second? I love the fact that my online spell-checker for my blog doesn’t have “Kardashian” in it’s repertoire. It’s suggestions include: “Guardianship”, “Balderdash” (*snort* Really??) and Karanganda (Whut?). But this post isn’t about spell check, it’s about curvy plus-sized clothing with a K. I kan’t believe it! (Sorry! Had to do it!)


First Jessica Simpson, and now the Kardashians are dipping their toes into plus-size fashion apparently.

Can full-figured fashion really become a growing trend among designers? (No pun intended.) Is it the next cool thing to do? I can’t help but get cautiously-excited at the idea of more and more popular fashion houses finally becoming accepting of plus-size.

Though I’m really hoping that this Kardashian Kurves line is more than just the size 16 found at Sears right now…

I thought it was a sign of the apocalypse when I had first heard of this new line of plus-size jeans, but now I’m starting to see an underlying need for it.

I’ll admit to knowing more about how to change a tire off a 4×4, than what the Kardashian story is all about. I know the very basics about the family, but none of it had elicited any feelings of respect until today. You’d think that since I love fashion and style, that I would want to keep up with the trend setters. And I do – I always check to see what women like Kim are wearing if I’m gonna go out on the town. It’s inspiration, and I enjoy the challenge of putting something similar together from what I own in my closet. But I could care less about what celebrities are getting up to. I’m by far not the biggest fan of drama, so I tend to skim the words in fashion rags and just look at the pretty pictures when needed.

So that’s it. Until today, I didn’t know what the sisters’ names were – or how many siblings there were for that matter. I knew there was a nail-polish line, but that’s ’cause OPI is one of my favourite brands.

So that not so hidden reason… I may be wrong, but I feel this new line is all about Khloé Kardashian. She apparently doesn’t fit the mold, and seems to be quite vocal about having been bullied as a child for her weight; and is now being bullied for not looking like her sisters. Khloé made an It Will Get Better video – where she discusses how she’s still bullied even today, by the same man who continued to push her into making the video in the first place (gotta love Hollywood, eh?) I mean, yeah, she has clothes, money, status, and a particular last name that is synonymous these days to “style”, “trend setter”, and “obnoxious” depending on who you’re talking to, but from experience – when you’re bullied – money really means nothing.

Because of this, I’m wondering if this business woman saw the barely-tapped market of full-figured women, and convinced her people to start making and marketing. I’m really looking forward to seeing this new line – I’d love to know if they’ve factored all the different ways a person could be full-figured, and exactly what sizes are they planning on offering.

What’s more is that Celebuzz, Sears and the Kardashians are holding a contest for one plus-size gal to model this new line of kurvy denim. No word on what age they’re looking for, nor size. And it’s quite possibly one of the shortest big-named contests I’ve seen in a while, as its only lasting for a week, so if you’re interested in entering, get your submission in!

So yeah, are you as shocked as I to hear the Kardashian Kollection is developing plus-size fashion?

And hey, before today, I never thought that I’d have a post written specifically about anyone in the Klan; go me. I learned something new! And may even have a grudging respect for a specific Kardashian.

… The world really is about to end, isn’t it?

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