Love ebay’s New MyMix Format for Searching Trends

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Have you checked out ebay’s new MyMix feed?  Its their new way to shop for your favourite trends, utilizing an image focused feed based on your favourite (and past) search terms!  ebay has always put a great focus on images for search results, but their latest website incarnation makes it really simple to find the items that you love most.   We now have a much easier way to purchase our favourite items at those always phenomenal prices that ebay has!

And the feed makes it really easy to customize.

My Current MyMix Feed

My feed has an broad collection of fashion, beauty and technology auctions, ’cause hey, those are the things that I love most, so I only view the items that I want to see. If you’re more into home decor, cooking, gardening, or pets, your feed will look so much different from mine!

ebay's MyMix Helps You Find Current Trends

I can’t believe how many items I’ve recently bid on, ’cause I’ve been watching my MyMix feed like a hawk since I first set it up (*cough* 14  items in 48 hours and counting….)  There are so many trendy items on sale at ebay that it’s easily going to become one of my main go to places to shop now that they’ve switched the way we can view auctions!  It’s just so much easier to find exactly what I’m looking for!

Items that I’ve recently found and love…

Gotta love a nice flow-y top that will be perfect for summer months!

Light a sexy top for summer!

Did you know that emerald green is the colour for 2013?  These gorgeous earrings will stay trendy all year long!

Emerald green, colour for 2013!

And this car is just all kinds of awesome, LOL!  It wouldn’t even work on a 4G network, but somehow I can’t seem to hold that important bit against it.  Its just too cool for me to care! ;)  And who wouldn’t want a cell phone for 11 cents?

Too cool cellphone on ebay.


Like what a lot of social media sites use today, ebay has this neat “new discovery” feature so that you don’t have to keep hitting the browser’s refresh button to see if there are new things to view in your feed.  I knew that there were a whole bunch of users selling goods on ebay, but my discovery bar always has something new to view every few minutes!  Its crazy how quick new items show up to view and enjoy!

New ebay MyMix Format


How to Get Your Feed Set Up

This is quite possibly my favourite part of using MyMix to find new things to love.  Creating the feeds is just so easy to do!  When you’ve logged into your ebay account, you should see “My feed” around the middle of the screen, with an Edit button right beside it.  Click on Edit, and then type a specific trend that you’re looking for.  It could be something specific like, “Floral print jeans size 14″, “Smashbox foundation light”, “Coach Ashley Hand Drawn Scarf Print Carryall”, “Jimmy Choo size 9″ or as simple as “smartphone”, “iPhone 4″, “Vera Wang”, or “door knobs”.  You can also refine the searches to be a specific as possible to your needs with the drop down selections just under the search box; like changing the condition of the item, if you have a preference and the price point you’re willing to purchase up to (Why view the $700 iPhone 4 entry if you’re only willing to spend $150 at most?)  This feed is obviously brand spanking new, so there will be changes made at any given notice.  I’m hoping for more refining options, like adding colour or material choices.

New #MyMix Feed to Search for Favourite trends

ebay had three of their favourite trend-setting shoppers to develop inspirational feeds that look oh so pretty!  Check out their pages if you need search terms inspiration to find the items you’re really looking for!

Ready for a giveaway?? ebay has graciously provided a $100 gift card for a lucky Geek with Style reader to WIN! WOOT! Enter below and good luck! :)

EDIT: How about an island??  Those never go out of style! :D

Island Lake Woods Ontario

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179 Responses

  1. sharigoss says:

    Oh I love that!!!! I love that you can set things up b/c Amazon only goes by things I’ve searched for or purchased.  So I get a lot of items I’ve already reviewed or items my hubby would like b/c I bought gifts for him :P I don’t mind a mix but it’s not.  This seems cool!

  2. momvstheboys says:

    that’s cool, it looks kind of pinteresty now! I’ve never actually used ebay before but it  might something I would use to look for shopping for my brother in law. so maybe technology, or star wars or something like that

  3. _littlemisskate says:

    Right now I would be searching for nursing dresses – need to pick a few up for summer!
    I will have to check it out, I have always had good experiences shopping with ebay

  4. AmyHeffernan says:


  5. sharigoss says:

    Ok now my entry into the contest! LOL I usually search for things like Dale Jr NASCAR things, or Cotton Yarn – shocked I know!

  6. MapleLeafMommy says:

    It’s like Pinterest and eBay mated. Ack! That just can’t be good for my pocket book.

  7. MapleLeafMommy says:

    Hmm… unique fantasy themed items, or out of print hard to find books and roleplaying games are my usual eBay poison. For a search term let’s start with: Dune the RPG

  8. Guppy5700 says:

    Doc martens size 9

  9. Ladybug_Vic says:

    I Love Lucy collectables

  10. skeetersden says:

    epergnes, lucite and unusual purses

  11. AngelaMarriott says:

    Womens jeans size 5

  12. Sukki24 says:

    Mostly for jewellery…like Garnet rings size 7

  13. mcmeldon says:

    Vintage purse

  14. luckyd says:

    I want a classic Coach bag

  15. nikon says:

    sports coat

  16. MissT says:

    Cell phone case for (insert brand)

  17. TheoCartwright says:

    I mostly look for dresses or shirts, so I look for ‘women’s’ and ‘small’ and ‘vintage’ and ‘indie’… so on and so forth hahah.  any combination of those sorts of terms.

  18. AngelaMitchell says:

    I’ve always used ebay for collectables– posters, vintage toys, etc.  So I’d search for something like “rare 80’s toys”

  19. BryanAllen says:


  20. newfiechic says:

    I am always looking for jeans.  Can get some pretty good deals at times.  I got a pair of Gap Bootleg that was NWT that totalled $10, including shipping to Newfoundland!

  21. DannyHel1 says:

    Anything electronics based. Recently bought a cover for my iPad!

  22. MaggieCheung says:

    I look for “rose gold bracelet” …. “color bracelets”

  23. skeetersden says:

    I look for unusual purses

  24. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I like to look for key rings. I think I might have an addiction!

  25. glogirl3 says:

    I like items that have timeless style that will last for years to come and not be out of style in a year or so.  A search string would be “small black purses”.

  26. IsaacChan says:

    iPhone case

  27. Guppy5700 says:

    Doc marten combat boots

  28. ginette4 says:

    Coach purses, I’m a purse lover

  29. CantonCathy says:

    Sadly it ends up being replacement parts for electronics that are hard to find. What I would like to find is great vintage accessories or furnature

  30. Zomgsomeguy says:

    Samsung Galaxy s3 case!

  31. ErockSpell says:

    My search would be Toddler Girl Shoes – I love baby shoes!

  32. Sukki24 says:

    Today it’s “formal black shawl”

  33. Rebby says:

    I love to shop for shoes!  Like “4 inch Stiletto”

  34. Ladybug_Vic says:

    1948 Canadian Penny – for my husband, he’s a collector.

  35. irish_iis says:

    gold bracelets 14K

  36. AndreaAmy says:

    normally i use ebay to find hard to find stuff for the kids, such as when my son went through a “blues clues” faze a couple years ago and they don’t make blue’s clues toys anymore. Tons on ebay though.

  37. ajandriley246 says:

    Most of the items I buy off ebay are toys for my daughter. When I do buy for myself though it is usually watches

  38. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I am searching for Coach swingbag purse on mymix ebay feed.

  39. IsaacChan says:

    Glasses band

  40. anchantra says:

    Right now I’m searching for Oliver Peoples green mirrored aviators.

  41. skeetersden says:

    I just searched for wigs

  42. Guppy5700 says:

    Dr. Marten boots

  43. glogirl3 says:

    Black small Coach purse

  44. CantonCathy says:

    I love to see cool vintage furnature and accessories like purses and jewelry

  45. YanDeng says:

    korean long necklace

  46. skeetersden says:

    Starting the search for Halloween costumes

  47. Guppy5700 says:

    skull rings

  48. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I’m adding kate spade wallet to my mymix feed.

  49. awabia says:

    Vintage necklaces

  50. CantonCathy says:

    Rayban sunglasses and cool acessories

  51. suzquiz says:

    brand name purses

  52. Sukki24 says:

    cute wallets

  53. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Right now I’m looking for a travel jewellery case/folder.

  54. IsaacChan says:

    iPhone Skin

  55. IsaacChan says:

    Ball bump pin

  56. nomnombearinyvr says:

    My string would include weekender carry all bag.

  57. skeetersden says:

    perler beads

  58. Guppy5700 says:


  59. glogirl3 says:

    Size small half tees.

  60. CantonCathy says:

    I search for Raybans, accessaories and hard to find items I can’t find anywhere else

  61. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Timeshare weeks are also a great thing to look for!

  62. skeetersden says:

    Reached for sari and beaded curtain just this morning

  63. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I’m searching for a kate spade handbag right now. The Charlotte Reena!

  64. Guppy5700 says:

    Combat boots

  65. IsaacChan says:

    iPhone Shield

  66. glogirl3 says:

    16″ simulated diamond solitare necklace

  67. CantonCathy says:

    Raybands – classic black wayfarers and Gucci purses!

  68. suzquiz says:

    antique earrings

  69. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Charms for bracelets.

  70. Sukki24 says:

    Little Black Dress

  71. Karla Sceviour says:

    case samsung galaxy

  72. IsaacChan says:


  73. skeetersden says:

    Crystal octopus ring

  74. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I’m searching for a Michael Kor hand bag today.

  75. Guppy5700 says:

    Was searching funny tshirts today

  76. melzzz says:

    I search for “free people -M -L” most of the time :)

  77. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Seahorse Pendant

  78. MikeGismondi says:

    Canada Canoe Coin is my current search!

  79. skeetersden says:

    Pendant light

  80. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I just added a deep crimper into my search.

  81. IsaacChan says:

    Lightening Cable

  82. ginette4 says:

    I’m looking for a pot rack for my kitchen reno

  83. Guppy5700 says:

    Baby rompers

  84. gangadog says:

    vintage jewlery

  85. TheoCartwright says:

    small women’s

  86. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Men’s Medic Alert Pendants

  87. IsaacChan says:

    RAV4 Cargo Cover

  88. nomnombearinyvr says:

    Tory Burch Reva size 5

  89. hmrcarlson says:

    Corelle dishes in iris pattern

  90. skeetersden says:

    Heidi Daus is what I am searching out now

  91. Guppy5700 says:

    skull bracelets today

  92. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Disney Autograph Books to take on a Disney Cruise!

  93. JuliaG says:

    Tarot stuff, hard to find movies and books, perfume, loose gemstones for my mom, Spanx

  94. IsaacChan says:

    Winter tires

  95. nomnombearinyvr says:

    Citizen of humanity ingrid jeans.

  96. skeetersden says:

    checked out some mobiles for an upcoming baby shower

  97. CantonCathy says:

    Great for part for or electronics that are hard to find

  98. jrsnicole says:

    i love finding limited edition or hard to find makeup products! i have become such a makeup junkie!

  99. hmrcarlson says:

    I’ve searched for some hard to find candy and gum from my childhood on ebay.

  100. skeetersden says:

    searched for and bought fringe and beaded curtains

  101. nomnombearinyvr says:

    Searching for a clarisonic mia 2 on mymix ebay.

  102. Sukki24 says:

    Searching for BB Cream

  103. IsaacChan says:

    Fishing accessaries

  104. Guppy5700 says:

    lately its baby rompers

  105. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Girl’s pirate costume for a disney cruise.

  106. IsaacChan says:

    kid bike

  107. skeetersden says:

    Pandora bead charms

  108. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I’m searching for COH ingrid jeans size 28

  109. CantonCathy says:

    searching for Raybans and new screen for sons ipod that cracked

  110. Guppy5700 says:

    more baby rompers

  111. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Scrapbooking supplies

  112. carollushka says:

    Kitchen things

  113. hmrcarlson says:

    Corelle dishes in my iris pattern!

  114. skeetersden says:

    jadeite fire king

  115. IsaacChan says:

    Samsung ultrabook

  116. CantonCathy says:

    Always looking for cool purses and vintage sunglasses

  117. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I”m searching for a madison coach swingpack

  118. Guppy5700 says:

    wrap bracelets today

  119. Melinda Jana says:

    Silver clutch

  120. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Build a Bear clothes

  121. Isaac Chan says:

    Kid Watch

  122. Jeannie says:

    I am searching for coach keyrings on my ebay mymix search.

  123. Debbie Bashford says:

    pasta maker on my search today

  124. Guppy5700 says:

    Still looking at wrap bracelets

  125. ginette4 says:

    I’ve been looking for an xbox for my daughter’s birday

  126. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Travel Jewellery Case

  127. Ladybug_Vic says:

    Nintendo 3DS Games

  128. jenny nicole says:

    my favourite thing to shop on ebay is for limited edition makeup. fashion wise, i love korean style clothing (especially sweaters and jackets!)! it’s hard to get where i live so ebay is so perfect for that!

  129. Andrea Amy says:

    LOST on DVD

  130. Isaac Chan says:

    GPS watch

  131. Brenda Penton says:

    small wrap dresses are what I look for the most.

  132. [email protected] says:

    Searching for a spiralizer

  133. Jeannie says:

    I’m searching for a longchamp le pliage bag on mymix on ebay.

  134. Cathy C says:

    Looking for Raybans and cool purses.Love Jeannie comment I told my sister to get my both the large and small Longchamp bags on her next trip to England – I am sure that is no problem and what is a little splurge on her sister Tee Hee – Ok that would be a HUGE splurge but I am worth it!

  135. Guppy5700 says:

    more skull rings

  136. Simon says:

    38R Suits

  137. jenny says:

    patterned floral scarf

  138. Debbie Bashford says:

    Dog seat for the car

  139. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I am searching for a blue crossover maxi dress.

  140. Guppy5700 says:

    updated skull rings

  141. nicolthepickle says:

    My Husband uses ebay for car parts all the time, but I’ve just recently discovered that I can shop there too. I’ve been looking for Bamboo inserts for cloth diapers.

  142. Isaac Chan says:

    iPad keyboard case

  143. Andrea Amy says:

    looking for Lost DVDs

  144. Isaac Chan says:

    16″ bike

  145. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I am searching for a skip hop diaper bag on mymix ebay today.

  146. Guppy5700 says:

    pink shoes!

  147. Debbie Bashford says:

    searched for stripping tape

  148. Isaac Chan says:

    BBQ Grill

  149. Debbie Bashford says:

    Pasta Maker

  150. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I am currently adding dwell studio crib bedding to my mymix ebay list.

  151. Guppy5700 says:

    Pink hightops.

  152. Debbie Bashford says:

    crystal spider ring

  153. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I’ve added lululemon groove pants size 6 to my ebay mymix search.

  154. ginette4 says:

    I’m adding Pot rack, renovation kitchen and need a pot rack for my pots and pan

  155. Melinda L. says:

    Music note pendent

  156. Cathy C says:

    Still looking for Rayban Wayfarers in classic black on my ebay mymix search

  157. Maegan Morin says:

    For me I search for purses the most on facebook. Usually its from the app on my phone so its Categories, Clothing Shoes & Accessories, Women’s Handbags & Bags and I just look at all of them :D

  158. Harvinderks says:

    Designer handbags

  159. Ana says:

    baby hair accessories

  160. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I’m adding lululemon hip to be zen crop size 6 to my ebay mymix.

  161. Andrea Amy says:

    boys size 7 pajamas

  162. Debbie Bashford says:

    bunny slippers

  163. Carol M says:


  164. Guppy5700 says:

    pink footwear

  165. Linda says:

    I tend to search for TATTOO Tights (Hottest trend in Japan ATM), Suede Nude Wedge (Looks comfy and goes with any outfit!), & iPad Back sticker (I want to customize my iPad more! There’s cute characters but I’m hoping to find the perfect I will love to look at!).

  166. Melinda L. says:

    garnet pendent

  167. Cathy C says:

    So love to win to get a replacement pair of Rayban Wyafarers That is on mymix search list

  168. Debbie Bashford says:

    needle felting tools

  169. ginette4 says:

    I’ve been searching for an Xbox console to replace my daughter’s that just yellow ringed

  170. Cathy C says:

    Still hoping to replace my Rayban Wayfarers so that is on mylist on ebay

  171. nomnombearinyvr says:

    I am searching for a blue maxi dress crossover.

  172. Carol M says:

    Still searching for laptops

  173. Guppy5700 says:

    more wrap bracelets

  174. Melinda L. says:

    dragon pendent with garnet

  175. Guppy5700 says:


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