Valentine’s Day Series: Find a Friend on Your Smartphone with Badoo

I’m trying to think of the last time I truly paid attention to Valentine’s Day, but for some reason, this year its making a “come back” for me! :)  I’m not looking to be wined & dined (OR whined & dined) by the Hubs, but I’m thinking I might push him towards maybe a movie night or even bowling! Mind you, our anniversary is not that far from Valentine’s Day, so its been even harder to get him to justify gifting me with a few flowers, or a nice night out on the town ever since we said, “I do,” (especially when the anniversary flowers are still vibrant and smelling sweet by the time February 14th shows up!)

Valentine's Day Series on Geek with Style: Using Badoo

So you should learn from my mistakes here: if you’re looking for a great day for your wedding, make it as far as possible from Valentine’s, even if it does make it a whole lot easier to find candy hearts for your reception!

Anyway, I’d decided late last night that Geek with Style should have a Valentine’s Day Series this year, which is great timing with just less than a “month” until the Day of Red Hearts shows up.  And what better way to start off the series, than to try to help you find that lucky guy or gal to spend the day with. 😉  I’ll admit, I’m not very familiar with online dating (the Hubs and I started dating when it was all about phone-dating if you couldn’t get a friend to set you up, LOL… I feel old.) Nor am I familiar on how well these sites are capable of finding the perfect match, but since it seems to be all the rage – someone somewhere must be building these sites right!

So last night I picked up my Sammy Jr (Samsung Galaxy III if you’re new here,) and typed the words “meet new people”, wondering if that would work (instead of using a hard-sell keyword like “dating”… *shrugs* it’s how I roll.)

I was actually surprised it worked.  And found an app that would work awesomely (I think) for this series.   I guess if you were single and determined, a place like Lifemates might be the site for you if you’re thinking long-term.

BUT if you want something more casual and friendly, I would hazard to say that Badoo could very well be the better choice.  I didn’t log in to check out whose available locally, though it does have an easy Facebook log in button for quick access. I also liked the “no stress” casualness of this app.  They boast the ability to help you find new friends, and not the hard-core “your one and only twu wuv,” so if you’re in the mood to meet new people (one of which could wind up being your soul mate even,) may I suggest Badoo to you.  Heck, if you’re into Black Hearts instead of Red, you just might find some like minded others for a happenin’ good time. :)

Badoo App for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry

What also works is that this app is available on the iPhone, Android and even the Blackberry platforms according to their website, so hey, YAY for cross platform interaction.  Or if you want to go old school, you can even chat online.

This does bring up an interesting question though…  if you’re an Android user, could you ever find yourself friending/dating someone who uses an iPhone?  Or is that still taboo? 😉


Have you ever tried out this site?  Would love to know what you thought of it! :)


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  1. Jeannie says

    Love your valentine’s series. I hope you’ll consider doing a series for all major holidays. I know valentine’s day isn’t a holiday, but it’s celebrated. From mere observations, I find iphone users tends to stick with other iphone users. I had a nice little giggle reading this post. Thanks!

    • says

      You’re so sweet Jeannie, thanks so much! 😀 *hearts*
      When writing out this post I got SO curious as to whether a question like, “What phone OS do you support?” could be on one of those long and personal dating-prospects questionnaires, lol! The idea of a date not going well the moment the couple found out that the other was using a competitor device tickles me way more than it probably should, hahaha.
      As for future series, I’ve sorta done a couple of Christmas based ones, but they were more gift guides than anything. I have been thinking about a Summer series since that first real cold day we got in January (I’m so ready for warm weather, lol!), but am still working out the kinks on how to make it a fun one.
      Again, thanks for the props hun! 😀

  2. Victoria Ess says

    I just downloaded it out of curiosity, although I’m not sure how much I’ll use it — do you still use it now?

    • says

      Hi Victoria! I actually haven’t tried this app. This post was more to show that you can use your smartphone/browser to meet new people. I went as far as downloading it and checking out their site online to see their “angle” and whether or not it would be a safe app. From what I found, it looks like a relaxed, stress-free social app which is why I chose it for showcasing. If you choose to try it out, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

      • Victoria Ess says

        I lacked the motivation to overcome my laziness and sign up for an account! I agree that it’s a neat concept, and I’d be more likely to use it to meet people, rather than a more sole-purpose website (e.g., I-want-to-meet-my-soulmate).

        As for your other question, I’ve always had an Android phone… and I finally got my partner to convert to one from a BB. Saved our relationship (haha).

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